6 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts with Joshua Stuart

  1. Wow! That was so cool to listen to. Josh, you really had wonderful, probing questions and an open, thoughtful manner. Emily, it was very enjoyable just to hear you cover so many areas of your life in-depth. Excellent.

  2. Love Love Love this and I am excited that your doing this ! I look forward to more pod casts . Everyone has a story and it’s fun listening to what others have to talk about . The best thing I can say about theses pod casts is that it is communicating with family and getting to know what all the other family members have to say. It is interesting to hear what makes them excited about life and the adventures they had and want to explore . I enjoyed this segment and look forward to more interviews . Thank you !!

  3. Just listened. I enjoyed it a lot. Engaging questions Josh and good interplay with her. You rolled thoughtfully with them, Emily and I appreciate your putting yourself out there.

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