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Mobile Photography 2




This post is a continuation of the photography practice from last week. Go look at Mobile Photography 1 for my breakdown of the process. Below you will find photos from this week’s practice as well as a few things to watch out for.

Photoshoot 1

Photoshoot 2

Photoshoot 3

Photoshoot 4

Quick notes from a second week of taking photos:

  • Spend more time setting up shots than taking them.
  • Food photos look much better with more props and interesting surfaces.
  • Add pops of color when the item is a neutral color.
  • Experiment with different angles on one item until you get a viewpoint you like.
  • Off center photos can feel very arty.
  • Jewelry and rocks were a winning combination.
  • Bright white items and reflective surfaces are particularly hard to photograph.

One last thought I had is, do you take tons of photos and hope you can salvage some of them? Or do you try to take only a handful of photos and really take your time and perfect each and every shot? Some people recommend limiting yourself to only a small number of photos so that you really have to plan out and think about each shot. I think this is an idea that merits further thought.

I wouldn’t say that my photos will be featured on Tastespotting or Foodgawker any time soon but from where I started, I think my skills and attention to detail have drastically improved. I can only imagine if I spent another 10 hours on improving my skills how much better my photos would be. As it is, I had a burning desire to move on to my next Beginner Mode which will be cheesemaking and I’m going to have to leave photography as a good enough level.

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