Tales from the Tavern

Thoughts of a Subway Beggar

 Erica Rahaman


Hey, pretty lady… walkin’ my way,
Spare me a penny, and have a blessed day.

I know your heart’s breakin’ cuz of that man,
But like your mama said, girl, it’s part of His plan.

See, we’ve all got to ante, and we’ve all got to play.
And it’s a beautiful morning, even if he won’t stay.

Yo, Mr. Late Meeting… get yourself home,
Cuz your wife, she ain’t married to a mobile phone.

You’ve got that promotion, and you’re rolling in green,
But life is what happens in those moments between.

The kids used to come runnin’ when you walked through the door,
It should scare you to death they don’t do that no more.

Little Miss Fourteen… in your CFM shoes,
Girls dressed like you are all over the news.

Hold on to your innocence, don’t give it away.
Wipe off that make-up and go out to play.

You’ll grow up too fast, and you won’t grow up right,
And those babies be cryin’ in the middle of the night.

Mr. Capitol Hill… man, thanks for the donation.
God bless you, sir, and bless our great nation.

I served my country, and I served her well,
I brought my ass home via slogging through hell.

Oh, I shouldn’t be here. You’re right, I agree.
But now here I sit, what’ll you do for me?

Move on, Mr. ‘Get A Job’…  I’ve heard it before.
Sure, I’ve got my interview suit right through that door.

Yeah, the bottle may have me in a wrestling hold.
I’m still hungry and desperate, and I still feel the cold.

Hear what I’m saying, don’t forget what you saw,
Therefore but God’s grace; it’s just luck of the draw.

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